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Del Grego Production’s Mission: We are a team of creators providing content to educate and entertain the masses from all walks of life for the family and our community.

Our work is about:

  1. Building stronger relationships.
  2. Creating leverage points in every category.
  3. Invoke thought.
  4. Create wholesome content
  5. To cultivate communities from a multitude of niches by connecting all of us with a common thread.


  1. Empowering the next generation of creators to become future leaders and business owners in every industry.
  2. Entertainment for the whole family.
  3. Education in Health and Human Services.
  4. Have fun while invoking thought.

We will inspire and cultivate people and leaders who positively impact the life of people and society.

Our Values:

  • Humanism and compassion
  • Integrity, accountability, and collaboration
  • Creativity, innovation, and discovery
  • Inclusiveness, diversity, and equity
  • Commitment to professional development

Entertainment for the whole family!
Have fun while invoking thought.

Know us

Del Grego

Linda Del Grego is an "Entertainment Focused" family channel. Our videos about the funny side of marriage, kids, parenting, motherhood and being a content creator.

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Del Grego

Sean Del Grego DMSc, PA-C is a
retired Army field grade officer
who is now a primary care
provider in Florida.

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Del Grego

Our Boxers will show you the day by day of being a Boxer Dog. We have a Blog about Dog Pregnancy week by week and the funny side of the life of Boxer puppies.

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Our Blog!

12 de July de 2020

Miedos que no te dejan empezar tu canal de youtube y cómo superarlos

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12 de July de 2020
How to prepare for your upcoming procedure

How to prepare for your upcoming procedure

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13 de July de 2020

The Stages of a Boxer Dog Pregnancy : Week by Week Guide vlog – Week 1

The Stages of a Boxer Dog Pregnancy : Week by Week Guide vlog – Week 1 is going to show you things you need to keep […]