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Dr. Sean Del Grego DMSc,PA-C

Is a retired Army field grade medical officer who is now a primary care provider in Florida and previously an Associate Professor and International lecturer in medicine. He is Doctorate level Physician Assistant (PA) with a specialization in Family Medicine. Yes. He is a Doctor and also also a Physician Assistant (PA). He earned his Doctorate of Medical Science in 2018 with the University of Lynchburg.


My Vision is to be the emblem for superior quality, patient­-centered care education with a commitment to providing compassionate and convenient healthcare services.

The mission statement

Our mission is to enlighten and educate. We consistently provide superior­ quality healthcare leadership pearls with compassionate care mixed with true evidence based medical solutions.



  • Integrity – ­To treat my patients and staff with dignity, respect and kindness at all times.

  • Compassion ­- I believe that all patients deserve to be treated equally and recognize the personal worth of every patient we serve.

  • Quality – ­Focus on continuous quality improvement in the pursuit of excellence with a strong family values mentality.


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